Our Story

We are craft-driven creators striving to add beauty to everyday functional pieces.


How it started?

Sayantani moved to Norway from India in the midst of a gloomy winter in January 2020, two months before the pandemic changed our lives. In her attempt to cope with the anxiety of starting a new life here, she re-discovered her passion for making things by hand.

While scouring the internet for unique planters for her home, a part of Sew & Saw was born. In a sea of plastic and metal plant hangers, handwoven ones, made using a traditional crafting technique called macrame, stood out. But it was only after she spotted her first macrame handbag that she decided to make one for herself. She taught herself to macrame and made her first bag.

Macrame is a traditional crafting technique of tying knots to create beautiful patterned textiles. It is done by hand, without needles, by weaving yarn together into intricate knots.

This process of mindfully hand-knotting pieces of yarn together helped her calm her nerves. So knot by knot, she continued making plant hangers, coasters and other accessories. 

The idea of ‘saw’ in Sew & Saw was born in a woodworking workshop in Eastern India where local artisans, led by Saikat, are trying to challenge the notion of using wood merely as a building material and creating cool, unique kitchenware and other accessories out of wood. 

Why we do what we do?

At Sew and Saw, we are passionate about our craft and savour every minute and hour spent making each product. Our macrame designs are handmade every step of the way in Norway and our wooden products are handcrafted in a small town in West Bengal, India, called Mathabhanga.

In a world filled with mass-produced, machine-made identical products, we want our customers to experience slow intentionally-made quality goods that are handcrafted, customisable and sustainable.

We want to preserve traditional woodworking techniques and the craft of macrame by adding a touch of modernity to it. We are craft-driven creators who add beauty to function and re-imagine everyday objects in wood and fibre.

Materials Used

Our macrame products are made using recycled cotton yarn sourced from Poland. Our wooden accessories are made from locally sourced wood in India, most of which are reclaimed.