A brown macrame plant hanger  with an indoor plant in a maroon planter hanging from the ceiling
A brown macrame plant hanger  with an indoor plant in a maroon planter hanging from the ceiling
A close up shot of macrame knots on a brown and a white macrame plant hanger
A brown and a white macrame plant hanger with indoor plants in pots hanging from the ceiling
A blue and a orange macrame plant hanger with indoor plants in a maroon pot and a green planter hanging from the ceiling
Sage Macrame Plant Hanger

Sage Macrame Plant Hanger

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Take your indoor plants to lofty heights by hanging them from the ceiling or wall with this hand-knotted hanging plant holder. This macrame plant hanger has a wooden ring to help you hang your plants the way you want! This bohemian plant hanger is completely handwoven with recycled cotton using a traditional crafting technique called macrame. Choose from a variety of colours - from basic white and brown macrame plant hangers to more colourful ones in orange and red. Looking for a gift for a plant lover? This is the best gift for a plantoholic!

How To Use

How To Hang Plants In Your House?

  • Choose a hanging plant that is not too heavy or large.
  • Choose a pot with a drainage hole to avoid root rot.  
  • Hang your plants in a part of your home that has good lighting. Hanging plants in from a window is ideal.
  • Hang plants from the ceiling by drilling a hole. 
  • If you want to hang plants without drilling a hole, hang plants with the help of magnetic hooks, command hooks, adhesive hooks and tension rods. Please keep in mind the weight limitations of the hooks or rods before hanging a plant. 
  • The plant hanger fits in a planter with a diameter of 12-14 cm. The planter in the pictures is 12 cm in diameter.
  • This macrame plant hanger is 68 cm in height. Once you insert the planter/pot into the plant hanger, it will shorten a bit.
  • Size can be customized. Please mention the size in the notes section while placing the order.
  • Plant and pot not included.
  • Since these plant hangers are handmade,  there may be slight variations in patterns or dimensions from one item to the next.
  • We recommend hanging our plant hangers indoors. However, if you choose to hang them outside, make sure to protect it from sun and rain.
  • If the fringes or tassels on your plant hanger get tangled, softly comb them out with your fingers or with a brush/comb. Comb the fringe like you would comb your hair. Hold  the top of the fibres like you would hold the hair close to the scalp when brushing it.
  • Before you hang anything from your walls or ceiling, make sure the structure can hold the weight of the plant.
  • Do not machine wash. We recommend spot cleaning with some lukewarm water or diluted white vinegar.